Photo Break 12/4

Final Glow of November (Big Sur, CA) by AprilM from WonderPhotos
 November has recently ended and in the midst of kid's homework, playing taxi cab driver and a few loads of laundry, I have attempted to figure out some more about this blogging thing.  I have learned that it can be quite rewarding to get several posts up in a week.  I have also learned that I do not have the time, energy or brain power to do it as consistently as I would like.  So, with the beginning of December, I have come up with a plan...

December First (Pajaro, CA) by observing from WonderPhotos
  My plan is to put something quick, easy, and beautiful on my blog  that may bring peace your soul or maybe just make you smile.  And since a beautiful photograph can do just that, on those days I just can't get a regular post together, I will be posting a photo that I love and brings peace to my soul and hopefully yours.

Most of these photos will be of nature, especially country shots.  Since I am a country girl living in the city, country shots are a respite from city life.  Shots of the ocean, like today, will be rare.  Even though I live very close to the ocean, it is not what brings peace to this girl's soul.  Here in SoCal you usually have to fight traffic and crowds to get to the beach and--well, those are not my favorite things.

These photos will usually not be my own since I am not a photographer.  I will do my best to make sure that I am not bootlegging someone else's work but only post what is fair and legal.

I will call these quick, easy posts, "Photo Break".  Whether it is a break for me or a break for you from reading my ramblings....I'll let you decide.

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