It's Raining - AGAIN! 12/29/10

It's raining here (again).  Don't get me wrong, I like the rain. It's just that this is not the normal weather pattern hereabouts.  So, in honor of the rain, I am going to post some pictures of snow.  It's perfectly logical.

From WunderPhotos

 You know, rain and snow are really very similar.  They are both wet.  They are both made of water.

From WunderPhotos

They both make streams and water the plants.  Snow may cause some delayed gratification since it keeps its water to itself until it melts.

From WunderPhotos
Snow is a bit colder.  But, all in, snow and rain come from the same place and end up in the same place.  My point?  It was raining here today.  That's about it.    Sam

From WunderPhotos


Anonymous said...

Very lovely pictures of frozen rain.

Steve Finnell said...

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