50 Things about Me Part 1

I've seen this done on other blogs but sometimes it's 101 Things About Me.  I'm not that exciting so I'll stick with 50 (or maybe less).

Okay, here goes.  50 things you never needed to know about me.

1. I have this form of Fiona as my pic on Facebook.
2. I rarely go on Facebook.
3. I'm a neat freak.
4. I have long, red hair.
5. I grew up in Mozambique.
6. I can be mischievous and tell stories.  That is why the first five facts are false.
7. The form of Fiona below is the pic I REALLY have on Facebook.

This form of Fiona suits me better.
8. I LOVE Facebook.
9. I'm a messy and ashamed of it.
10. Whatever color my hair once was, it is no longer.
11. I've never been to Mozambique but I know where it is.
12. I was born in Texas and spent some of my childhood there and some in CA.
13. I went to college in SC and CA.
14. I'm a credentialed school teacher.
15. When I was a kid I was chased by a bear- in the wild. (No joke.) And I lived to tell about it.
16. I sat by Steven Curtis Chapman's parents on a plane ride once.  Wonderful people.
17. After our first date, my future husband and I agreed we would never be more than friends.
18. At times during our marriage we both wished we had stayed only friends. (But we don't feel that way now.)
19. We have two dorky kids. (Probably because my husband and I are dorky. It's in the gene pool.)
20. My first born was a preemie.  SCARY!
21. My second born was normal size and came out hungry.
22. I like dogs. I absolutely adore them.  We have three. (Does that count as one fact or three?)
23. I'm not that crazy about cats.  I'm allergic to them. They make my eyes swell. (Was that TMI?)
24. I have backyard chickens.
25. I like to garden but don't actually do it.
I'm tired of doing this right now and maybe I'll finish tomorrow.  
See ya then, Sam

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