Merry Christmas "Hello"

By belletrouvaille from WunderPhotos
Hello and Merry Christmas. 
Our Christmas is a little different this year.  Our house does not look like the one above.  We didn't get any outside decorations up.
"Snow on Holly" by WurzelDave from WunderPhotos

We don't have any holly hung inside or out.  We do have our tree up and our nativity set in place.  What more do you really need?  Next year we might be able to go all out.  You never know.  Life happens.
By CameraDiva from WunderPhotos
We will be attending a Christmas candle light service at church.  The real reason for Christmas is still there no matter how many decorations you get up or how many presents there are under the tree.  Actually, less can be best - at least once in awhile.

I love the picture below.  I really can't tell you why but it makes my heart happy and it looks like Christmas.
I hope that whatever your Christmas is like this year, whether good, bad, or just plain simple,  you can find hope in the fact Jesus left His home so He could take us to His.    I can hardly wait.  Sam

"Merry Christmas from Rabbit Hash" by WunderPhotos

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