A BIG Basketball Party

I started typing this post and discovered that my L and M keys are missing.  The little black tabs are gone but you can push the silver things underneath to type your letter.  Where in the world did they go?

Wait, here's my L key sitting on the shift button. llllll It's in place now.

mmmM  key was on the floor.  I think they got knocked off when the dog ju   (M key is refusing to stay in place.)  Anyway, the dog jumped on my keyboard.  My husband is not going to be happy about this.  I think I'll tell you about the big party later.  I've got to go put the little black M key cover somewhere where it won't get lost.

 If you don't here from me for awhile - my laptop is in the shop.  Which would be good since my monitor is going out and my F key sticks. 

We're falling apart at the seams over here, Sam

Well, I'm not falling apart but my computer is (if you don't count the wrinkles and gray hair and other stuff I don't care to mention in public).


Anonymous said...

You are a great writer! You can make even the mundane funny and interesting. Love you!

-E in TN

Michelle said...


Why didn't you tell me you had a blog??

I added you to my list so I will be back! ;o)

Anonymous said...

This brings back memories of my last laptop, now laid to rest. I didn't even know those little key tops could come off, but little fingers are surely good at prying them off. Sometimes I found them and could put them back on. Others, I just had to do the best I could. It's final undoing was when those little fingers spilled some sweetened hot tea on the keys. Well, I've have my new laptop for almost a year with no little finger mishaps so far. I don't know if it was the warning of what would happen or maybe just a little more maturity helped. jk

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