50 Things About Me Part 2 (Oops, make that 54.)

Well, let's see.  Where did I leave off.  Oh yes, I believe I am on #26.

"Earlier Today" (Camden, NC) by sillygal from WonderPhotos
26. I love the country.
27. But I am doing my best to be content in the city.
28. I think it would be great fun to build a zero energy house.
29. I'm not that crazy about chocolate.
30. I'm not afraid to die.
31. My greatest fear is of..of... PEOPLE!
32. I can be shy in crowds.
33. I like history.
34. I know some truly wonderful people that I am blessed to have as friends.
35. I love my children madly.
36. I collect books.
37. I have many, Many, MANY faults but not on purpose.
38. I am a first born.  So is my husband. 
39. I grew up in a crazy family. Not the good kind of crazy.
40. I want to know 50 things about whoever (whomever?) reads this post. (This conversation is seeming a little one sided.)
Hmmm, what else, what else can I say?

A picture from a road trip.  Note the glare in the windshield. (TN)
 41. My family likes road trips.  We love to go east.
42. I've never been to the Grand Canyon and I live in CA.  That's just ridiculous!
43. My second biggest fear is that some of my dreams for my family won't happen.
44. My husband thinks snakes are cool.  I don't. (But my son has a really cool leopard gecko.)
45. My husband and kids are Trekkies.  Me too - but not quite as much.

My daughter goes gaga over Mr. Spock.
46. I'm very tall. Always have been. So is my husband and son.  How we ended up with a midget daughter, I'll never know.  But we kinda like her anyway. ;)
46.5  I love to laugh and tease and be a little bit silly.
47. I love accents.  Southern, Irish and Aussie are my favorites.
48.I believe the Bible is true.
49. I believe Jesus is who He said He is.
50. I believe that I am saved by grace because, honey, there ain't any other way I'm gonna make it to heaven.
51. I can't wait to get to heaven.  I believe it is more real than this world we live in now.
52. And I believe that God loves us all madly.
53. That love means more to me than anything else in the whole world.
54. I hope whoever (whomever?) is reading this feels especially special and loved right now.

Feel free to leave a few notes about yourself in the comments.
I would love to read them, Sam


Anonymous said...

Spock is cute, what can I say?
From your daughter.

Anonymous said...

At the beginning of the year, I asked the Lord for a year of miracles. I was so discouraged about our adopted daughter. It had been 4+ years for us, and things still weren't going so great. There have been no big, spectacular changes, but little by little there have been little changes--a little softening, a change in attitude, a little more gratitude, little more joy in being part of the family. Just this week my daughter and I were having a conversation about a girl who started going to our church just over a year ago. This year she is in my daughter's classroom at her elementary school. Just a few weeks ago, the little girl's parents joined our church and we heard her parents' salvation story. The dad came from a Christian home, but he was not saved. His parents started coming to our church and bringing his 2 little girls with them. The girls' grandmother got cancer and died. His wife, mother of little girls, and he were arguing one day after that about how to get to Heaven. Even though he wasn't saved, he had heard the truth and to "prove his point," he quoted to her the Bible verses that lead to salvation.--The mom got saved right then! The dad still wasn't saved and didn't come to church for a while, but he did get saved and now comes to church, too. Anyway, our daughter tries to be the little girl's friend, and I think they are friends most of the time, but our daughter tells me a little bit about the other girl's behavior. I encourage her to be kind and understanding. I told her yesterday, "You know, her parents haven't been saved very long. She may have had a very rough life before her parents were saved.--You understand that, right? You had a couple of very rough years the first of your life. You came to us when you were 3. She's had to deal with it for probably about 7 years." Cassie thought and said, "Yea, I think I'm pretty lucky."--Okay, I think "blessed" would be a better word, but I'll take it!

Wow! Thank you, Lord. It is truly the year of miracles. I'm sorry I doubted. I know there are challenges ahead, but thank you for the encouragement.

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