Our 25th Anniversary

My husband and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary!  Yea for us!!
In honor of the special occasion, I wrote him a love poem:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet,
and I'm stuck on you.

He smiled, his tummy jiggled, and he said, "And you came up with that all by yourself?"
He was so impressed.
I know you are too.  Feel free to use it anytime.  I have decided not to get it a copyright on it.

I'm here for you, Sam


Dear Diary 7/20/11

Dear Diary,

     I haven't blogged in forEVER!  I've written a million posts in my head but they just didn't make it to the internet.  I may still write some them up.  They'll be out of sequential order- but. so what.

Anyway, here are some tidbits from this week for my friends who don't have Facebook:

My life according to Facebook:
Last weekend was San Diego, Barstow (Well almost, I went half way when my car overheated), and Murrietta. This weekend it was two days in Pasadena. And now I get to stay home for awhile. Yea!!! And do housework. BOOOOO! Maybe I need to go out of town again after all.
The boys are on the American River white water rafting and the girl and I have the house to ourselves. Insert a picture here of two girls giddy with happiness - no offense fellas.
"...well when you and dad were little you didn't have TV and.." "Wait a minute, we're not that old!" "Well, you had black and white but no sound, right?" "We had sound since the day we were born." I feel old.
I have a medical emergency - crave-itus. I need a cinnamon roll. STAT!!!
Well, today is my 25th anniversary and hubs is out of town. That's okay because he is with our boy and we're going to celebrate this weekend. Let's be honest about this marriage stuff - it's hard. 25 years?! It ain't been easy but it's been worth it.
It's home coming day at the Barke house. The neighbor across the street, whose dog I've been watching for a month, gets, home, my girl's best friend gets home from her European adventure, and my boys are home from rafting. I thought my boys would like a nice home cooked meal after camping and that's why I ordered pizza. ;) (That was NICE - they didn't have to eat my cooking.
That pretty much some it up except for the following lessons I've learned in the last couple of days:
1. If you pick your husband and son up after a long drive home from camping and you ask your son if he enjoyed his first experience of white water rafting, he will say, "Meh".  But if you stop for pizza and let him get several pieces in his stomach, he will start telling you what a good time he had.
2.  It is a lot easier to get housework done with fewer bodies and interruptions in the house.
3. I still need a cinnamon roll.
Over and out,  Sam
(Hi, Ellie)   


Green Around the Gills AGAIN!

Picture from WunderPhotos

Winter is the time of many illnesses.  It has been for us this year.  Actually, we have been  struggling with one illness or injury after another in all seasons for many years.  It's tiring.  It wears you down.  It can lead to discouragement.

My son is hacking write now.  I think it's allergies.  He had to sit out of part of basketball practice today because he is still recovering from a long lingering stomach flu. But he doesn't have an injury at the moment so that is nice.  My daughter is absolutely miserable right now with another allergy attack.  She hasn't been in Irish dance lessons (her love) for over a year because of her health. 

I'm sick half the time. But today, today, I woke up and I didn't feel sick.  I didn't feel draggy.  I didn't feel like I had 50 pounds of something weighing me down and making it hard to - to- move.  I felt good.  That is such a rare and wonderful treat for me.  I have learned from the past that feeling good today doesn't mean I am finally going to feel good most of the time like a normal person. It doesn't even mean I'll feel good tomorrow.  But I have learned just to be grateful for this day that I feel good and enjoy it.  I am so grateful for a day without that weight.  

I am looking forward to the day when everyone in my family is well and uninjured all at the same time.  When that happens, I am going to count the days and see how long it lasts.  It doesn't usually last very long but I'll enjoy it while it does.  

When my daughter gets discouraged, I tell her that God can work EVERYTHING out for our good - even these tenacious health issues.  We can't give up.  We can only live one day at a time and do the best we can with the health and energy that we have. And we hope, we really hope, that someday it will be better.

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