Vacations and Fantasies

Vacations coming!!!!
We can hardly wait. We really do need to "get away" into far, green pastures. Our first stop is the closest place to heaven I've been so far. It's green and gorgeous and...

the home of country music.
So, where do you think our first stop is???

It is beautiful Tennessee.

We're going to visit a cousin (who will be identified as -E) and her husband (-L). Now -E and I (-S) had some planning to do. We corresponded with a few e-mails that I will share with you. There is a question for you at the end so please pay attention!
First she asked what I would like to do while we were there. I answered with:

1. laugh a lot (a necessity)
2. tease -L
3. Dollywood
4 tease -L

5. A morning out with you looking at homes with LAND and TREES (preferably hills too - but I know that's a lot to ask). Have I ever told you that I love LAND and TREES. I think I was a tree in a previous life. Anyway, the LAND must be at least 5 acres. If it is not at least 5 acres it is not LAND it is just a lot.
6. tease -L.
7. One morning I would like to take my son on a hike in the Smokies.

I am SO excited!,
Luv, -S (You know -S stands for SAM)

Now, you need to know two things.
First, my fantasy (no longer a dream since it seems never likely to happen) is to live in the country with lots of LAND and HILLS and SPACE - preferably in TN. I have come to grips with the fact that I will probably live out my days in the city but once in awhile it is quite fun to let my fantasy take flight and pretend a little.
Secondly, you need to know that -E is a real estate agent. And -E is asking me what my dream house/property would look like because we are GOING HOUSE/LAND SNOOPING while I am there . Whahoo! Ya see, to me, that is a lot of fun.

After the previous e-mail, -E kindly sent the following:

Dear -S, That helps, thanks. Now...are there any other requirements re. the houses you would like to see on 5 acres? Mansions, or log homes? Something in-between? :o) Luv, -E

I promptly replied:

Well, thanks so much for asking. Actually it can be between 5-40 acres.

It would be nice if you could go out of the house and have nobody see you. Privacy is precious you know. A view would be splendid. It's mostly about the LAND. Houses can be destroyed, built or added on to. As far as the house goes, I guess I just would like to see something in the $150,000 - 300,000 price range (price would include the LAND of course). Mansion/ log home, variety is the spice of life. Barns are cool too.
Luv, -S

And then I remembered I had forgotten one of the most impotant things had had to immediately send another e-mail.

Dear -E, Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, I almost forgot. In addition to my previous e-mail sent 5 min. ago ------- the law or zoning codes of the homes we look at absolutely MUST allow for chicken and a cow and a big garden. Mercy me, I can't believe I forgot that part. Did I tell you I got 5 beee-u-ti-ful eggs today and a half dozen eggs the last 3 days? I just love chickens.
Over and out. -S

What a lucky dog I am to get to do this. But what about you? If YOU had a cousin who was a real estate agent and you could go house/land snooping anywhere in the world, where would you go? What would your LAND look like? What kind of house would YOU want to see?

I hope to hear from you.
Wish I could take you on my adventure.
Luv, -S


Photography on this Blog

A few months ago after looking at SO many blogs out there that have great photography, I wrote this post but never published it. I'll show you what I originally wrote and then give you an update:

About this post- Photography

Don't hold your breath. And if you do see a photo on a post - well, don't look at the quality if I took the picture. Uh, we don't even have a fancy camera. Oh, and remember to thank my daughter if there is a pic on this site, because she will be the one to download it, get it posted and all that good stuff.

Bottom Line:
If your lookin' for good photography ,honey, there's a lot out there. But it ain't a goin' to be here.

Well, a little bit has changed since then.
I have a friend who asked if anyone needed a camera. She had a couple she was giving away. I immediately said in my most mature voice, "Oh pick me, pick me! I need a camera for the blog I'm starting!" Now I am the proud owner of this:


Now I will be able to take beautiful pictures.
Pretty soon I will be taking pictures like this:

Well, maybe that was a bit of an untruth. But at least I will be able to take better pictures.

Another thing has changed. I can even upload and post my own pictures :)
I'm not the techy kind. Can you tell?

But the bottom line stays the same: If your lookin' for GREAT photography, honey,this ain't the place. But if ya just need a picture to help get the point across, I might be able to help you.

Smile and Say Cheese,


They Were Only Trying to Help...

Well, in a previous post I told you about my little problem with lack of self-discipline when it came to putting a good fiction book down. Well, not only do my children know about it from life experience - they read my blog.

The next night sis comes into my room about bedtime and sees me reading. "Not again, mom. Come on, go to bed on time. I know you can do it!"

The night after that the boy comes in and sees me reading. A few minutes later I get up to get a cup of tea. The boy comes into the kitchen, "Mom, I hid your book. I'm only trying to help."

So, what was the last thing your kids "helped" you with?


I Miss My Busy Girl...

Sissy is always up to somethin' - in a good way. Learning something new on the computer, talking, e-mailing, talking, reading, talking. If she is doing something that leaves her hands free she is almost ALWAYS knitting. It is her new found love. But today she isn't chattering, she is coughing. She does say, "Mom, will you please come sit with your poor sick girl?" She watched movies all day. She would normally NEVER do that -- way too social. She doesn't even want her precious puppy, Pattycake, to lay with her. So she is laying on the couch, watching TV, without puppy, with idle hands. She isn't even knitting. I miss my busy girl. She has antibiotics. She'll be fine. I will know when she is better when I see those knitting needles whirring again. And it will make me smile.


I thought I could resist the temptation...

I thought I could resist the temptation......
All I wanted to do was relax a little before bed.

thought I could have a little fun and do a little work at the same time and read one of the historical fiction books I was considering having my son read for history class.

Well, it happened again, I was dead tired and instead of reading for one hour I sat up until 4:30 a.m. (I hate staying up late because it kills my next day) until I finished the book. I can say "NO" to chocolate, to dessert, to my children, but when it comes to reading fiction I have no self-control. When will I learn? I even asked my husband to hide a book for me at a decent hour one time and then later begged for it back. My daughter warned me when she saw what I was reading. But I thought I could handle it. Maybe I need a 12 step program for readers who don't know when to stop. The problem is ---I don't think I regret it enough. It was a very interesting book.

PS I am glad I was not in England when the Saxon's invaded.

PSS This is kind of boring for a third post but what do you expect from an old tired lady.

PSSS How worried do you need to be about punctuation and grammar in blogs? Is it casual? Is it like a published article so ya better get it right?

Mother's Day '09

We interrupt the previously planned post to bring you a special announcement.

Please check out this link. It will make your day.

Pioneer Women's Mother's Day Post

Much love, continued perseverance, energy, and patience wished to all you mothers out there.

Happy Mother's Day all!



Post Number One (Sort Of)

I have tons of ideas but part of being me is making my ideas so complicated that I don't actually get around to doing it - for about a century. Then I realize I need to simplify things and eventually get it done. Well, this blog is finally getting done and boy am I happy about it. I have three posts I wrote months ago that will come first and then we'll be on our way.

I'm going on vacation in a week and I would like you to go with me - so we gotta get started.

I would like to have my first Goofy Giveaway
before I go - so stay tuned.

I have a lot of plans for this blog. I thought about explaining them all but that sounds a little boring so I'll just tell you as we go. I do need to tell you that this is an interactive blog. My need to chat is just that- a NEED- not a want. A one sided chat is a little , um ----- useless. So I am hoping for feedback, discussions, respectful disagreements, and crazy comments. Feel free to express or ask your own questions.

I'm looking forward to chatting with you.
Hope to see you tomorrow.


P.S. Feel free to comment on spelling errors and punctuation. I can use all the help I can get.

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