I Miss My Busy Girl...

Sissy is always up to somethin' - in a good way. Learning something new on the computer, talking, e-mailing, talking, reading, talking. If she is doing something that leaves her hands free she is almost ALWAYS knitting. It is her new found love. But today she isn't chattering, she is coughing. She does say, "Mom, will you please come sit with your poor sick girl?" She watched movies all day. She would normally NEVER do that -- way too social. She doesn't even want her precious puppy, Pattycake, to lay with her. So she is laying on the couch, watching TV, without puppy, with idle hands. She isn't even knitting. I miss my busy girl. She has antibiotics. She'll be fine. I will know when she is better when I see those knitting needles whirring again. And it will make me smile.

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Rebekah said...

Aww, tell her to get well soon!

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