I thought I could resist the temptation...

I thought I could resist the temptation......
All I wanted to do was relax a little before bed.

thought I could have a little fun and do a little work at the same time and read one of the historical fiction books I was considering having my son read for history class.

Well, it happened again, I was dead tired and instead of reading for one hour I sat up until 4:30 a.m. (I hate staying up late because it kills my next day) until I finished the book. I can say "NO" to chocolate, to dessert, to my children, but when it comes to reading fiction I have no self-control. When will I learn? I even asked my husband to hide a book for me at a decent hour one time and then later begged for it back. My daughter warned me when she saw what I was reading. But I thought I could handle it. Maybe I need a 12 step program for readers who don't know when to stop. The problem is ---I don't think I regret it enough. It was a very interesting book.

PS I am glad I was not in England when the Saxon's invaded.

PSS This is kind of boring for a third post but what do you expect from an old tired lady.

PSSS How worried do you need to be about punctuation and grammar in blogs? Is it casual? Is it like a published article so ya better get it right?


Anonymous said...

Hey Sam, What book were you reading?
As for the last question - it's easier to read a well edited post.
The clip art is cute.

Allison said...

I stay up too late reading, too. I recently started reading the light-hearted "Miss Julia" series and have been staying up way too late.

I agree w/ anonymous - good grammar & punctation is important. I think you can be "casual" but still have correct GU&M.

Timothy Lindvall said...

I want to know what you were reading too. And about the grammar and punctuation... I say throw it out the window! ;)


You can call me Sam. said...

Hello folks. Thanks for your comments! I was reading "The Lantern Bearer". A bit too mature for my boy right now.
Allison, I'm going to google your book to see what it's about.
As far as the editing goes, I'll just do the best I can in a lazy kind of way. Feel free to let me know my mistakes!
Happy Reading!

Gardengal said...

I want to move to Tennessee and live off the land with you. Actually, I don't want you to move unless I can go! Enjoy the hunt and the walks and the wide open space. Keep us "posted"! :)

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