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A few months ago after looking at SO many blogs out there that have great photography, I wrote this post but never published it. I'll show you what I originally wrote and then give you an update:

About this post- Photography

Don't hold your breath. And if you do see a photo on a post - well, don't look at the quality if I took the picture. Uh, we don't even have a fancy camera. Oh, and remember to thank my daughter if there is a pic on this site, because she will be the one to download it, get it posted and all that good stuff.

Bottom Line:
If your lookin' for good photography ,honey, there's a lot out there. But it ain't a goin' to be here.

Well, a little bit has changed since then.
I have a friend who asked if anyone needed a camera. She had a couple she was giving away. I immediately said in my most mature voice, "Oh pick me, pick me! I need a camera for the blog I'm starting!" Now I am the proud owner of this:


Now I will be able to take beautiful pictures.
Pretty soon I will be taking pictures like this:

Well, maybe that was a bit of an untruth. But at least I will be able to take better pictures.

Another thing has changed. I can even upload and post my own pictures :)
I'm not the techy kind. Can you tell?

But the bottom line stays the same: If your lookin' for GREAT photography, honey,this ain't the place. But if ya just need a picture to help get the point across, I might be able to help you.

Smile and Say Cheese,

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