Mother's Day '09

We interrupt the previously planned post to bring you a special announcement.

Please check out this link. It will make your day.

Pioneer Women's Mother's Day Post

Much love, continued perseverance, energy, and patience wished to all you mothers out there.

Happy Mother's Day all!



Souris said...

Happy Mother's Day! Nice Flower!

Allison said...

Who is sam?

You can call me Sam. said...

Hey Allison,
Did you read my profile? That explains "Sam". Thanks for dropping by. :)

Anonymous said...

Soooooo, what's up people?

Rebekah said...

Happy Mothers Day! Your profile just says "PS Sam isn't my real name but that's a story for another day." Hmm, I think that's another story for today!

You can call me Sam. said...

Sorry kiddo, not today. Patience is a virtue.

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