They Were Only Trying to Help...

Well, in a previous post I told you about my little problem with lack of self-discipline when it came to putting a good fiction book down. Well, not only do my children know about it from life experience - they read my blog.

The next night sis comes into my room about bedtime and sees me reading. "Not again, mom. Come on, go to bed on time. I know you can do it!"

The night after that the boy comes in and sees me reading. A few minutes later I get up to get a cup of tea. The boy comes into the kitchen, "Mom, I hid your book. I'm only trying to help."

So, what was the last thing your kids "helped" you with?


Missi said...

What helpful children. Ha!

Timothy Lindvall said...

LOL! Too funny... To answer your question, my child doesn't help me with much, except to make me smile and laugh, enjoy each day more, wake me up at night and do lots more laundry! ;)


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