Photo Break 12/29/10

My post today is not about chickens.  It's about how my dear, computer literate husband backupped all my important info and then deleted it from the computer so he could take it in to get fixed or replaced---and then found out the warranty had expired.

He's gone right now.  So when I tried to upload the pictures I wanted for the intended blog post------alas, they are no longer there.  I know they are somewhere safe. They're just not where I can find them at the moment.  Did I mention that my husband is a savvy, computer literate type person?  Did I mention that I am not? 

Well, I hope you enjoy the picture of the chicken. This is one of the few photos that I did find. My chickens were once healthy and beautiful  like this one.  Right now they are molting and pretty scraggly looking.  They are definitely having a bad hair (feather) day.  So am I but I but I think I will refrain from mentioning it.

Hope you're having a good hair day and can find all of your pictures.  Luv, Sam

PS  In case you're wondering, my husband deleting a bunch of stuff helped my computer.  And concerning it's other issues, we decided to live with them until the thing just isn't usable anymore.  Why spend today what I can wait to spend tomorrow?  Right?

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