Lunar Eclipse 12/20/10

"Pre-eclipse Moon" by RNJoel from WunderPhotos

My Facebook Post:

"The lunar eclipse, beginning at 10:30 and the total eclipse beginning at 11:41, will cause the moon to look ruddy because of the light filtering through the earth's atmosphere. The moon should be in its deepest reddish shadow at 12:17 a.m. My family will be sitting outside in our lawn chairs to watch. (NOT)"

I think the fact that it is pouring rain right now (and has been the last two days and will be the next two days) is a valid reason to miss the eclipse.  Not that we would have gone to much trouble to see it anyway.  I do, however, think that a good eclipse, whether you can see it or not, is worth mentioning.

Let us consider it therefore, hereby mentioned.

"Prelude to Tonight's Eclipse" by Ralfo from WunderPhotos

And that's that.


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