Truth or Fiction


A small plane was flying over the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

In the back of the plane was a large duffel bag.  The duffel bag contained........

...a very large crocodile
- which escaped. 

In their panic,  the 20 passengers fled to the front of the plane which was  getting ready to land.  This shift of weight to the front of the plane put the plane off balance and it crashed. 

There were only two survivors, one passenger and the crocodile.    
So, did I make this up or is it a true story?

It's TRUE!!!  I was listening to the news on the radio on the way to pick up my son. If I had read this in a book, I would have thought it was ridiculous.  Truth really IS stranger than fiction.

P.S. When rescuers got to the plane,they killed the crocodile with a machete.

Leave it to me to get you the REALLY important news of the day, Reporter Sam

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