So What's Keeping Me from Blogging?

What's keeping me from blogging?  ME, that's who!  I make everything too difficult.

I had to sit down and have a little talk with myself.

I need to be entertaining. (Just be yourself. Life is NOT always entertaining and you are sharing your life.)
I need to address multiple audiences. (You don't have ANY audiences.)
I need to write in an intelligent manner.  I must think carefully before I write. (Yea, good luck with that.)
I need to get someone to proofread my posts.  (It will never happen.)

"Sam," I said to myself, "you are making this way too hard.  You are not out to win any awards (You couldn't if you tried.).  You're just sharing your life with whomever wants to read about it.  Your only audience will be whoever likes what you write when you are being yourself.  The real question is, Would you still want to write if nobody read it?"

I had to think about this a minute but the answer is, "Yes, I know it's crazy but I just need to write.  I feel like those painters who just need to express themselves and paint.  (Actually, I have no idea how those painters feel because I can't draw a straight line.) I just want to write, so if I am enjoying it; that's good enough.  It's like knitting or any other hobby.  That's it.  It's a little hobby to amuse myself with even if nobody reads it."  (Sounds good, huh?  It's a lie.  I will cry if nobody ever, ever, in a million years reads it. Well, maybe.)

"Sam, my dear, you're weird."

"Weird can be wonderful."

 Here are some quotes about writing I stole from Miz Boo's blog. http://booshay.blogspot.com/
"People have writer's block not because they can't write, but because they despair of writing eloquently."
(Anna Quindlen)

"If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word."
(Margaret Atwood)

"Don't get it right, just get it written."
(James Thurber)

"Lower your standards and keep writing."
(William Stafford)

                      Signed, The poorly punctuated, imperfect, wannabe blogger,

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Donna Boucher said...

Hi Sam,

Thank you for leaving your link. Let me encourage you to write five days a week. Just do it :o) Even if it is a quote or a scripture or a picture with a funny story ....Lots of times you will have a comment about that quote or scripture and words will flow from that.

Look thru a stack of pictures and a funny memory will come to mind. I like those posts.

I see you are Linda's friend. She is lovely.

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