Thanks to My Sister-in Law, My Hair is Purple.

I am usually a sedate, boring kind of person.  So how did I end up with purple hair?

It all started with my ornery brother-in-law, the very tall one. You need to know that because I am stuck with two of them and they are both extremely ornery.   The whole crew, in-laws, outlaws, and other varmints, were gathered at my mother-in-laws house for some to-do.  I was finding a place to sit to eat my yummy plate of food, minding my own business, when my brother-in-law makes a crack about my gray hair.  Being the confident person that I am, I just agreed with him and said I really needed to dye it again.  It really takes the steam out of a teaser if you just agree with them.  (That tactic is my new secret weapon. I do need to make mention of the fact, for my readers benefit, that premature gray runs in my mother's side of the family.  Please make note of the word - PREMATURE. Thank you.)  Well my brother-in laws wife, I won't mention any names (Renee), said, "Sam, why don't you go a little wild this time and go for something exotic....like red."  I agreed with her too.  It was just the easy thing to do.

Well, some time passes and I became even grayer. I figured I had better do something about that mop of mine.  I recalled what my SIL had said.  Maybe, just maybe I should take her advice.  Maybe housework and helping with homework would be a little more adventuresome if you had exotic red hair. 
I decided to merge my sedate side with my wild binge and go for a lighter red.

Why didn't any of the stores I visited have the color I wanted?  I decided to mix my own concoction and bought a bright red and a blond color to mix.  I checked the ingredients to make sure they wouldn't explode when mixed.  It looked good. So home I went to do my make-over.

Well, let's just say the results were not what I expected.  I was horrified.  How, oh. how did my hair end up this color?  How do red and blond make this... this... hue?   This was WAY too wild for my taste.  I reread the ingredient list.  The blond dye contained bluing.  You know what red and blue make don't you? PURPLE!!!!
So thanks to my SIL,who suggested I take a walk on the wild side, I have purple hair.

I try to think every decision through to its conclusion before I act on it.  This is the  scenario that went through my head when I considered my SIL's suggestion. Oh, the stories that go through my head sometimes! It's just the way I think.  (Scary, isn't it?)
                                                               Signed, Still Gray in Orange County

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Anonymous said...

As your nieghbor and friend I just ran to the window to sneek a peek at the transformation. Oh pooh! your car is gone so I will be making a reason (excuse) to knock on your door later...or maybe peek in the window (oh rats, your barking dogs will protect your secret...binoculars just may do the trick).
I am sure that you will look wonderful in any color.

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