Guess Who Left a Comment on MY Blog???

                                       A VIP commented on my blog!

Miz Boo, herself, left a kind comment on my blog after I stole material from her.  She is a sweetie.  I feel...
I feel..... validated, acknowledged, and... and.... encouraged.  Thanks,  Miz Boo!

Miz Boo gave me some advice for blogging consistently.  It would be perfectly selfish of me to keep it to myself, so I have decided to share it with you.   :)

Hi Sam,

Thank you for leaving your link. Let me encourage you to write five days a week. Just do it :o) Even if it is a quote or a scripture or a picture with a funny story ....Lots of times you will have a comment about that quote or scripture and words will flow from that.

Look thru a stack of pictures and a funny memory will come to mind. I like those posts.

I see you are Linda's friend. She is lovely.

(Linda, you must be a VIP too!!! And just think, I know you in person.)

Wasn't that nice?  I am going to try to act on her good advice.  Let's see how many weeks in a row I can blog for 5 days.  Maybe I should just try for 5 days in one week first.  That might be a little more realistic. This is Day 2!  Here we gooooooo............ 
                                                                       See ya tomorrow (I hope),


Donna Boucher said...

Day two...comment two :o)

What a fun post. me me me me :o)

five days. you can do it!!!

You will get in a rhythm and won't be able to stop yourself!

Have fun!

Linda said...

YAY!! So happy that you both connected! Donna is such a sweetie...she welcomed me to the blogging world when I first started in 2004. She is so kind and encouraging, and a witty and talented blogger/photographer!

I love the advice she gave you. I need to take it to heart myself!! :-)

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