Who Needs a Journal When You Have Facebook?

I think Facebook has become my online journal....in a twisted sense of humor kind of way. (I love Facebook. Please don't tell.)

Facebook post #1 and the rest of the story: 

"Craving hot chocolate and out of milk. Signed, Forlorn in Orange."

Well, that's how the day started.   Could have been much worse. Actually, it was a rather pleasant morning. We were up and going and getting ready for a field trip.

Facebook post #2 and the rest of the story:"Field trip this morning to Tessman Planetarium- The Star of Bethlehem Show. It was out of this world."

Oh, the many possibilities we discussed for the presence of that miraculous star. We learned a lot about astronomy and a lot about history. The explanation that seems the most plausible to me is quite fascinating. Apparently, each of the constellations was related to a certain country or region. There were two constellations related to Jerusalem and the Jews, the first Pieces and the second Leo, the lion. Two planets lined up in Pieces first, which could have looked like a bright star. A year later two other planets lined up in Leo right next to the star called the "King Star". It just gives me chills.

Facebook Post #3 and the rest of the story:"My Visa card was lost but now is found. Baptismal service TBA."

Some hilarious comments from my friends:

1. Congratulations on your Visa card's decision. 2. Does that mean that all of it's sins will be washed away and it will be made clean?

Response: Good question. I would like to know if it's debts have been paid. Now that would be a miracle.

Now you KNOW it's scary when you lose a credit card!  One good thing did come out of it, my purse is now neat and tidy.  But after I cleaned out my purse, the Visa card was still AWOL. Then I checked my coat pocket. Yep, it was there the whole time.  I bet you also know that the whole world stops while you look for your credit card.  Dinner was an hour late, but hey, it was found.  :)  Disaster had been avoided.

Speaking of disaster, did you know that word comes from the belief that certain stars could bring bad luck. "Dis" meaning bad or something of the sort and the root "Aster" means star.  Hence, "disaster"  means "bad star".  Bad stars were typically comets. Comet from the root "comb" because comets were known as hairy stars - a star with a ponytail blowing behind.  Who knew that visiting a planetarium could be so interesting?

Hope you're having a good star day, Sam

P.S. I did finally get my hot chocolate and it was YUM.

P.S.S. My husband and I worked for about an hour trying to get rid of all the funky arrows and lines in this post.  We're stumped.  Any ideas?

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