Relaxin' On A Rainy Saturday

"Before The Storm" by Sillygal from WunderPhotos

It's raining here in sunny SoCal.  That's a special treat.  I've been workin' hard and feel like I'm entitled to a little R&R.  Chiilin' and watchin' the rain on a Saturday is like being on vacation while you're still at home.

Hubs took my boy to a chess tournament today (That's secret code for, "My house is quiet".)  Hope my boy does well.

I made scrumpdilyicious apple muffins this morning, right after (Hang on!  I feel a run-on sentence coming on.) I finally found my son's dog who got left out in the rain and went under the house because I forgot to close off the crawl way after the repairman fixed a leak under out house yesterday. Anyway, she got lost in the maze under our house and couldn't find her way out.  I wasn't sure she was under there.  I thought she might be gone forever which resulted in a rush of unpleasant adrenaline.  Boy, was I glad to see her wet, muddy, very excited to be free body, coming out from under the house.  I rushed her directly to the tub - an hour before my alarm was set to go off.  Like I said earlier - like a vacation while you're still at home. ;)

I played around in Weather Underground today. I checked out the WunderPhotos.  I'm hooked. That's where the photos on this post came from.  I think WunderPhotos will become a new addiction.

Now I'm going to go play on my blogs and think about all the posts I want to write which may or may not ever happen.  Then I think I'll have to get around to a little house work. I have a pile of dirty laundry and dishes from not having hot water for a day or so.  But I feel a need to chill for at least another half hour before the noise, I mean my son, comes back home.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

"Stormy" by Sillygal from WunderPhotos

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