Wow, It's Been Awhile!!!

Ummm, it's been a little while since my last post. Maybe there is a reason I haven't posted. Let me think....(This may take a while.).... Oh, I know, maybe I had writer's block. No, that's not it. I've thought of lots of things I would like to blog about. Maybe my computer broke or I lost internet or my house burned down. I don't think those are the reasons either. Well, maybe I've been busy. Hmmmm, what have I been doing? Let me go get my calendar. ***** I'm back. Let's take a look at this calendar. Let's see:

helped with a booth at a street fair (lost my boy for awhile)
several meetings
three days of CHEA convention
surprise visit of my sister from Tennessee
family gatherings
Bible study

Played the part of a taxi cab driver to:
regular band practices
marching band practice
two parades with the band
end of year band party
three basketball camps
youth group
knitting class
dance class
horse back riding lessons
dog agility classes
ministry opportunities
cooking classes
transporting my kids visitors

one million doctor and orthodnic appointments
allergy shots
found out my daughter has high blood sugar (had to change a lot of my recipes to accomodate her)
found out I'm sensitive to wheat (I've been hungry)

Oh yea, and did I mention I had to clean the whole house and yard because I was silly enough to plan a surprise 50th birthday party for my husband at my house with over 50 people? It was Star Trek theme. People came in costumes and everything. It was really fun.

So I really can't say why I haven't been blogging. Nothing much has been happening. I guess I've been lazy. I'm sorry. I'll try to do better.

P.S. I know busy summers are not unique to me. What have you been up to and do you have any hints for keeping up with a blog when life gets busy?

Hope you're finding time to relax,
Love, Sam

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