A Sad Truth

I was chatting with a friend on-line tonight - a very dear friend I had lost contact with for years. We recently got connected again through Facebook. Catching up can be bittersweet. You hear of their joys, successes and their disappointments. My friend is dealing with some disappointments. She said that she is learning do deal with the fact that if you do everything "right" as humanly possible as you can, some things still may not turn out the way you always hoped and dreamed they would.

Amen, sister. I am learning that obedience to God needs to be out of love for Him and not just the results you hope to get. Our obedience doesn't mean we won't have money troubles or perfect marraiges or good Christian kids.

"If you love me you will obey me." - period.

Our reward is not always on this earth.

And just think of how much worse it could be if we weren't obedient!!! Now there's a pleasant thought to end on. (Not)

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Anonymous said...

Regarding children, we have read and been taught that when we train up a child in the way he/she should go, he will not depart from the right way. That's in the book of Proverbs, right? And we're told it's a promise. However, over the last few years, after seeing my own sister grieve over her 3 children, all departing from the right way, and hearing of many others in the same situation, I became confused about that "promise." I knew my sister had tried her best to raise her sons to be good and godly, yet they were making unwise and ungodly choices. Our pastor preached a message on the above passage and helped us to understand that this passage is not a promise. Proverbs are principles that usually work, but it is not a guarantee. Children still have a free will and must chose on their own who they will follow and what they will do with their lives. God was the perfect Father, yet He had rebellious children. Yet, all is not lost. We do not know the whole story yet. We do not know what God is going to do in the lives of our children or for whomever we are concerned. The hardest thing to do is to wait, yet we must leave the timing of God's answers to our prayer to Him. He is faithful and merciful and gracious. jhk

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