My Daughter's Bad Habit

Over the years my 17 year old has developed a bad habit. She doesn't bite her nails (my son does that) or leave the toilet lid up (that would be weird). She doesn't drink, smoke, chew or go with boys that do. But she does have a vice.

It all started when she was very young. It only started with tubes in her ears and then a minor eye surgery.

But it didn't stop there. She had to have tubes in her ears AGAIN and then have TWO more eye surgeries.

Sadly, she became addicted. Year before last she had to have a procedure done on her nose so she could breathe (Come on, what's the big deal about that!?).

Last year she had to have a slightly more aggressive procedure on her nose. (Enough is enough!)

And now ---I begged, I pleaded, but she just couldn't stop. Despite my plea, she is going to have all four wisdom teeth pulled - complete anesthesia and everything. (Couldn't she just have a hang nail removed or something?) Just because the wisdom teeth are pushing her other teeth out of alignment after two sets of braces and one tooth is growing sideways into her cheek instead of straight up, I mean, is that REALLY enough cause for another procedure? (Give me a break!)

Well, bright and early at 7:00 a.m. we will be at the orthodontist to do it all again. I sure hope she breaks this habit soon. It is getting expensive!!!

It really doesn't help when you have these crazy doctors enabling her. The ENT told her that if the problem ever came back and she had trouble breathing again, he could work on her nose yet again. (Isn't that malpractice or something?)

Do they have a 12 step program for people addicted to minor surgeries? We need some intervention here! HELP! Sam


Bev said...

The only way to break a bad habit for a teenage girl is to buy her a horse!! Just happen to have one for sale. Hope she is feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

My dad used to say, "It's only minor surgery when it's someone else's surgery." I'm sorry I don't know a cure. I have a million dollar mouth, but as for the rest of me, so far it's all hanging together somehow. :-)jhk

SSB said...

So are you ready to give your teen an "intervention"? Well include me, too.

I can see that you have a knack at using our addictions to make others smile. Well I think that's great, so have at it. Lord knows you have lots of "material" to use from my life!

Hoping to get straightend out soon(oh my spine surgery already did that!).

With my blessings

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